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Customer Management.

Claim Management.

Client Support Management.

Online warranty Management.

Inventory Management.

Calls Management.

multi recharge


Fairtel Recharge .


“Fairtel Recharge is an IT enabled transaction and payment processing platform for electronic delivery of prepaid services and provide transaction / payment management services in a seamlessly networked environment through a rapidly expanding retail network”


Fairtel Recharge Unmatched Value Proposition


*India’s leading e-distribution network with 19,492+ PoS and expanding rapidly – 50,000+ by end of this financial year.

*Single point of contact

*Easy and reliable retail access

*No shortage of denominations as pulled from a central pool maintained by Digital Recharge

*On demand availability of New Denominations

*On site technical support.

*Digital Recharge dedicated Customer Care.


Present Services Current Problems and Way Ahead with Fairtel Recharge


Multiple operators under one roof.

Common Trading Balance (TB). Denominations free purchase.

Flexi Inventory. No physical/blocked stocks. Purchase only when you sell.

No cash reconciliation. System generated MIS.

Door steps service by Recharge Funda Distributor.


Number of new services at no extra investment.

High returns.


Our CRM named the SMS covers the following parts:

Customer Management.
Claim Management.
Client Sup


As a leading provider of Technology life-cycle services, fairtel technology system single-minded mission is to create enduring value for the customers through innovation and industry expertise so as to make the customer’s business stronger and better equipped to handle various process that they face at their end. As a customer-centric and a total relationship-driven organization fairtel technology system is redefining the way companies experience and benefit from the various Tech Services and Solutions offered. It is quite obvious that the delivery model is infused with a distinct culture of high customer satisfaction.

We at fairtel technology system put in our sincere efforts, to understand the internal and external constraints, its past growth and future plans, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, its business settings and other matters, before developing any technological solution for the customer. Because we understand the “needs”, we provide solutions faster, effective transparent and of course cost effective.

Mobile Services



We take pride in having one of the largest Third Party Network in the Country for repairing Mobile Phones, Tablets and other Mobility equipment, we understand the value of customer satisfaction for a brand. Effective and timely resolution of Customer complaints by the service centre results in the increase in the brand equity of the OEM.

RV solutions is One of India’s leading Technology Lifecycle Service Provider, we have a network of over 1000+ service centres that are spread across the length and breadth of this country. These Service Centres are ESD protected and are equipped with all the necessary repair and testing infrastructure. All of them are also connected by a CRM that has been designed and developed by a dedicated team of Software developers that are present in-house.

Annually over 4 Million Customers visit our service centres to resolve their issues on the handsets. They trust our process to get their handset issues resolved.Our team is highly trained & skilled and we always endeavour to provide the best services to our clients.

IT Hardware



Fairtel Technology System provide economic advantages to customer who are facing problem for an ideal combination of hardware, software, and services.

Our hardware engineers are skilled and certified, as well as they have extensive knowledge and impressive track record. For over  2 years Fairtel Technology System has support.

Fairtel Technology System provides following Hardware services:

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fairtel technology system

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Our Quality

Repair and Refurbishment


 Repair and Refurbishment is a crucial part of the after sales services for any organization. Damage devices and unfair support services can make customer unhappy, which may effect on the revenue. Fairtel Technology System  helps you to executing from soft repair to highly technical level 4 repairs with highest quality standard. 

RMA Handling



If you are not interested in repairing your branded product at the repair centres but looking for specific RMA service, you can take advantage of FTS specific online Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Service. We offer RMA service for both warranty and out-of-warranty across locations in India.

On our online RMA system, you may request RMA service, track the status of your returned item, obtain clarification on RMA issues, and print RMA reports. Our staff is available at any time to provide you with the most friendly and immediate service.

To Know More get in touch with our team.

Supply Chain Services



With standout projects that include a world-leading reverse logistics management solution for a major mobile phone operator, we have developed market-leading solutions to respond to complex needs, including:

  1. Creating capability in repair centres
  2. Integrating courier solutions
  3. Adding product recovery and replacement
  4. Implementing end-to-end systems visibility
  5. Preparing returned items to go back into stock
  6. Managing disposition routes
  7. Recycling

While working with major brands, our endeavour is to always minimise the cost of returns processing through inline returns checking, repackaging and re-binning.

We are connected with all the major courier companies for providing SCM services.